Playing it Safe in Tallinn

Tallinn is the least Eastern European feeling city in the Baltics, Estonia was also the first country to adopt the euro currency back in 2011. Due to Tallinn's proximity to Helsinki, the city feels more Nordic than traditionally eastern. As a result the city feels safe and despite a few tourist traps you can wander freely around the old town and surrounding centre without much concern for safety. 


The old town is the safest area to be, however this is where you can and will always find petty crime such as pick pockets. As with any city you need to keep your valuables safe and not openly on display. In terms of bars and clubs, Tallinn is againquite safe, most are tourist friendly and so long as you are not too drunk there rarely turn you away from the door. There is a cover charge for most clubs in Tallinn, this ranges from 5euros upto 15euros for the bigger more exclusive clubs such as Prive and Vabank. 


Gents clubs are probably the one area where you can expect to find yourself in a bit of bother, our tip is if ypu plan to visit any of these establishments, do so only with cash and never alone. Always read the menu before buying drinks and especially before taking any dances. These are the basic rules of staying safe but of course, when you stray into areas that are in the grey area of the law, you can never be 100% sure. 


Electric Taxi'sAnother area to play it safe is taxi's, in truth Tallinn is a small enough city to be able to walk from A-B even after a few beers. Make sure you always have a map with you and take a card from your hotel with the address and hotel name on. We would always reccommend taking Elektrik Taxi, environmentally friendly and competitive pricing. 


For more info on taxi's you can follow this link -


If for any reason you need to contact your embassy then below is a list of the countries represented and where you can find them in Tallinn or cities nearby;


Most Estonians speak a good level of English, so if you find yourself wandering the streets without a clue of where you are, don’t be afraid to ask.


If you need to withdraw money, you can use the most common banks such as Swedbank, DnB Nord, SEB and Nordea. Most will charge a commission and also a one off withdrawal fee of around 2euros, there is no shortage of ATM machines so as long as you use your normal level of caustion when withdrawing cash you will have no problems. 


As always we advise using cash in bars and clubs to be totally safe, however Tallinn is a modern city and nearly all establishments will take card payments and provide reciepts.




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