Our story

Travel2Tallinn was founded in 2005, since then we have been an integral part for trips of all kinds. As a Travel Agency we are here to help make your trip to Tallinn easy and stress free. A key part of what we do is making sure that you have the time to enjoy the city and everything it has to offer.

So, who are we and what is there to know about Travel2Tallinn?

Aside from being founded in 2005, Travel2Tallinn has become one of Tallinn's best-known Travel Agencies for all types of travel but most notably leisure travel. Facilitating for both corporate and leisure trips, our positioning in the market is designed to deliver a fun experience for anyone visiting Tallinn.

The company is owned by Ivo Gubanovs, a veteran of the travel industry in Latvia and the Baltic States. With his knowledge and a youthful team full of enthusiasm Travel2Tallinn have the perfect platform to take care of all your booking requirements.

Meet the team

Founder and Director
After the collapse of the USSR Ivo had to trade his early seamanship (Navigator’s) career for tourism & hospitality. Ivo's experience of working both front and back office in some of the best known hotel chains, combined with his business studies at London’s College led him to start his own company, from there Travel2Tallinn was born
Client & Booking Manager
Originally from the U.K. Graham has been living in Tallinn since 2009. Having worked for another DMC company in Tallinn, Graham has built up a reputation for his exceptional client management skills. With no plans to leave his adopted country, Graham will be on hand to help you with any booking requests no matter how big or strange they might be...
Anastasija has been with Travel2Riga for over two years and has quickly become our most regular guide. She is very capable with groups of all ages and speaks Latvian, Russian, English & German.
Booking Assistant and Guide
Every trip needs a guide like Inguna, when your feeling a little worse for wear she will pick you up. If there is a bar worth visiting or a club to hit then she knows where and when to do it. Our eyes and ears on the ground, Inguna will be taking good care of you in Tallinn.
Jelena is very experienced accountant and has been with T2R since the beginning. She is an exemplary Russian when it comes to knowledge of Latvian language & a proud mother of three. No matter how sudden is the change in tax legislation - we know that both we and our partners are in safe hands.
Vilnius Client & Booking Manager
Having first visited the Baltic States in 2001 as part of a backpacking holiday, Stuart's passion for the region has only grown ever since. As our resident expert based in Vilnius, he is waiting for your call and ready to offer advice and assistance with all your requirements.

Our Promise to You

The reason so many people chose to book with us is because we are honest, we don't offer what we can't deliver. Even when there is a problem, we promise to fix it to the best of our ability, to make your experience one to remember for all the right reasons.

Some websites will offer price match guarantees, what we promise is that our offers will be based on giving our clients the best experience possible. We won't always beat other offers, but we promise that we will remain impartial and use local providers to make your trip more authentic and memorable.

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